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Service Translation: Filter criteria to Translation documents
Product: Windchill, Windchill Service Information Manager
Release: 11.1 F000
Allows you to apply a filter, set in the service structures, to translation documents. This is useful if you have included translation documents in a baseline and want to use the specific versions of the translations that are in the baseline.
Additional Details
Use the Apply Filter to Translations checkbox on the Translation Content table and Translation Dashboard table to apply filter options to translation documents. The default setting of this checkbox is controlled by the com.ptc.tml.applyFilterForTranslations property. The property is set to true by default, that is, filtering criteria is applied to translation documents. If the checkbox is cleared, then the filtering criteria is not applied to locate the translation documents. The selection of the checkbox applies only to the current structure and is valid for a given session.
Related Information
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