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Product Family Matrix Editor — Revision Rows
Product: Windchill
Release: 11.1 M010
Provides the capability to display attributes for part version in separate rows in Matrix Editor. These rows contain the selected and latest revisions for module variants in the Matrix Editor, when using multiple variant baselines to resolve the variant specifications. You can edit certain attributes and details of the information related to revision rows in the Product Structure tree or Matrix area cells.
Additional Details
When using the Product Family Matrix Editor with variant baselines, each variant specification of a Product Model can have a different variant baseline. In this case, the Product Structure tree in Matrix Editor displays part masters for the module variant and the part version details display the part master information.
In this release, the support for the display of the module variant revisions, that is part versions, within the configurable structure of the Matrix Editor, is provided when using multiple variant baselines. This provides the ability to display the additional revision row details when required. The display of the revision rows for the module variant in Matrix Editor works seamlessly with the other capabilities available in Matrix Editor:
Show/Hide Related Information
Hide Unresolved Dependents in the Configuration Specification
Advanced Search
Set Path Filter and Disable Path Filter
These capabilities work when the revision rows for the module variant are displayed and when they are not displayed.
You can continue using Matrix Editor to perform the actions listed above, without requiring the display of the revision rows.
Related Information
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