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Support Changes: Platform Support
Product: Windchill
Release: 11.1 F000
To take advantage of new features and capabilities introduced with each new platform release, and to remain current with platforms that are no longer supported by their own vendors, PTC routinely updates its list of supported platforms.
Additional Details
For this release, the following changes has been made to platform support:
Windows Server 2016 is supported with Windchill.
HP-UX and AIX platforms are no longer supported for Windchill Server deployments.
Support for Solaris as a Windchill server platform will be discontinued in a future release.
For more information on the most current server platform support, see the PTC Windchill 11.1 Software Matrices, available from the PTC.com website here: http://support.ptc.com/view?im_dbkey=173723.