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Change Management: Impact Association
Product: Windchill PDMLink
Release: 11.1 F000
Provides the capability to manage baseline members using a change management process.
Additional Details
The Impact Association feature automatically adds or updates baseline members when a change notice is set to resolved. This feature is disabled by default. To enable it, the administrator needs to:
Update the change notice workflow template to include the new Apply Impacts task.
Create a new Impact rule to associate a change task with a baseline.
The following new updates are available on the application user interface:
Set Impact Intent option in the Actions menu and Impact Intent column on the Select Affected/Resulting Objects tab: Use this option to set the impact of a change task on a baseline member.
You need to customize the table view to display the Impact Intent column.
Impacted Objects table under the new Impacted Objects tab: The workflow for creating a change task has been updated to add the Impacted Objects tab. You need to specify the baseline members to be updated through the change task in the Impacted Objects table.
Impacted Objects table on the information page of a change task: The table displays the baselines that are impacted by the change task. You can also view this table while completing or auditing a change notice.
You need to configure the page to display the Impacted Objects table.
Impacted By Objects table on the information page of a baseline: The table displays the change tasks that impact a baseline.
You need to configure the page to display the Impacted By Objects table.
New Change Notice action on the Variant Baselines table on the part information page and on the shortcut menu displayed in the configurable module pane in Matrix Editor: Use this action to create a change notice while automatically populating the affected objects and impacted objects in the default change task.
You need to configure the part information page to display the Variant Baselines table.
Related Information
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