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Change Management: Handle Legacy and Flexible Links in Mixed Mode
Product: Windchill
Release: 11.1 M010
Provides flexibility when replicating change object packages within environments that operate in Mixed mode that supports legacy links and flexible links.
Additional Details
The conversion utility is enhanced to include a new action for converting administratively locked change objects. The following updates are available for the conversion utility:
A new readiness delegate wt.change2.flexible.AdministrativeLockReadinessDelegate that checks if a change object is administratively locked. This ensures that only the local change objects are considered for conversion while using the convertLinks action.
A new action convertReplicatedLinks that fetches the administratively locked change objects during readiness checks. Only the administratively locked objects are considered for conversion when using this action.
New services that replaced the existing service wt.change2.flexible.FlexibleChangeItemReadinessDelegate:
Total count for local and administratively locked change objects displayed individually in the conversion utility report.
Related Information
For more information, see FlexibleChangeConverter Utility and Convert Custom Links to Flexible Change Links.