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Scheduled Synchronization
When you create or edit a project, you can enable automatic synchronization for shared objects using the following fields:
Synchronize Sharing
Set this field to Scheduled synchronization.
Enabling automatic synchronization does not prevent individual users from performing manual synchronization for shared objects.
Synchronization User
Select a user for whom the scheduled synchronization is performed. By default, this is the project owner.
The purpose of selecting a user is to determine which permissions are applied. Only objects to which the user has the required permissions are synchronized. Objects that are not included in the scheduled synchronization can still be manually updated by a user with appropriate access.
Candidates for this field are users who have been added to the Project Synchronization Users group. For more information about user groups, see Working with Participants.
To synchronize a shared object, the user must have the following permissions:
Read permission for the source PDM context
Read permission for the source object
Modify permission for the SharedContainerMap object type (this is granted by default to members of the Project Synchronization Users group)
To share new dependents as part of the scheduled synchronization, the user must have Read, Download, and Change Permissions permissions for the new dependent objects.
Scheduled synchronization works the same as if the Synchronization User were to manually complete the Update Project action. For information on the rules and preferences that affect synchronization, see Synchronizing Shared Objects.
Scheduled synchronization is only executed when the project is in the Running state. An automated notification is sent to project managers if a scheduled synchronization job fails.
Automatic Synchronization Schedule
An administrator determines when the scheduled synchronization occurs using the following property in
Sets the time for when shared objects in a project are automatically synchronized.
Projects that are configured to synchronize automatically are updated on a daily basis. Use this property to set the time each day that the project should synchronize.
Use a 24-hour format when specifying the time. For example, to perform the automatic synchronization at 6:45 P.M., enter 18\:45.
The default value is 2:\00, meaning that the synchronization job executes at 2:00 A.M.
The Last Auto-Synchronized field appears on the project Details page. This field displays the last time the project was successfully updated using scheduled synchronization.