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Copy and Paste
This topic provides information about copying and pasting between library and product folders or contexts. For information about copying and pasting between project contexts, see Sharing from Project to Project.
Click Copy to create a duplicate object. Click Paste to save the duplicated object in a new location.
Copy and Paste Rules
The following rules apply when you copy and paste objects within Windchill PDMLink, Windchill Arbortext Content Manager, and Pro/INTRALINK:
When you copy an object, any primary content or secondary content (such as attachments) is also included.
CAD documents are not eligible to be copied and pasted. Use the Move action instead.
When a part with dependents is copied and pasted, a new object, with no dependents, is created.
The Created By and Last Modified By fields are set to the user who copied and pasted the new object.
Date and time stamps are set to the current date and time.
The Windchill clipboard does not recognize keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste an object.
For more information, see About the Windchill Clipboard.
When you paste a copied object, the Paste as Copy window opens:
The name of the source object.
The number of the source object.
New Name
Optionally, enter a name for the object being pasted.
New Number
If you are pasting objects into a product or library that does not have auto-numbering, enter a new number for the object being pasted.
Optionally, select a new view for a pasted part or end item.
The following actions appear on the table toolbar:
Set View
This action appears only if parts or end items are included in the table.
Select this action to search for views and to set the view for multiple objects. For individuals objects, select an option from the menu in the View column.
Set Organization ID
Select this action to set the organization ID for selected objects.
This is only available when organization identifiers are enabled at your site.