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Actions to Add Objects
You can use the collection actions on the table toolbar to manually add objects that are not automatically added per the collection rules.
Whether a collection action icon is enabled depends on the following factors:
The selected object type.
Some collection options are only relevant for certain object types. For example, you cannot associate a note with a document. Therefore, the add note icon is disabled when you select a document in the table.
Whether you have previously attempted an action for the selected object.
If you click a collection icon and nothing is added, this indicates that there are no associated objects of that type available. The collection icon is disabled for that object until you reset the table.
To add objects, select the checkboxes next to objects in the table and then click the collection actions on the table toolbar:
Collect related parts.
Collect related affected data.
Collect related drawings.
Collect related change objects.
Collect related family table objects.
Collect related ECAD documents.
Collect related family table generics.
Open the Advanced Add window for additional collection options for business objects.
Collect related CAD and dynamic documents.
Collect related specifications.
Collect related documents.
Collect upstream linked objects.
Collect related notes.
Collect downstream linked objects.