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Creating Custom Change Monitor Reports
To create a custom change monitor report, use the following procedure:
1. Navigate to the context under which you want to create the report.
2. Click Utilities and then Report Management.
3. Click New to create a new report.
4. Set the location under which the report is stored as follows:
a. Select File > Set Location
The Set Location window opens.
b. From the Look In Cabinet drop-down, select System (if it is not already in the field)
c. Open the System folder by double clicking it in the field displayed under the Look In Cabinet field.
d. Continue opening folders under the System folder until the path displayed in the Location field is:
e. Click OK.
5. Create and save your custom report. For more information about Report Manager activities, see About Reports.
To use the custom report, navigate to the applicable product or library and click Change Monitor. On the Change Monitor page that opens, the new report appears in the All Special Reports list. Click the custom report link from the list to execute the report.