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Completing Tasks
This topic contains information about the tasks assigned during a change process and how to complete them. The following tasks may be assigned to individuals throughout the change process.
Submit Problem Report
Analyze Problem Report
Analyze Change Request
Audit Change Notice
This is not a comprehensive list of all the tasks that may be assigned.
Tasks that are assigned to you are displayed in the My Tasks table on the home page. You also receive an email notification that a task has been assigned to you. For more information, see Tasks Tables.
There are two ways for you to complete your task:
Click the task name located in the Task column. Read and follow the instructions on the task page. Click Complete Task.
Right-click the task and select the Open Task Assistant action. The Task Assistant window opens and you can add comments and click Continue Task Completion.
If you find that you must leave the task page or window, but have not finished your task (for example, you have more comments to add), click Save. When you have completed the task, be sure to click Complete Task.