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Viewing Effectivity by Version
Clicking the effectivity by version icon row action in the Set Effectivity table displays the Effectivity By Version window. The window displays all the object versions that are included as resulting objects and have the same effectivity context and type.
The following fields display on the Effectivity By Version table.
The version label of the object.
Current Effectivity
The current planned effectivity
Proposed Effectivity
The effectivity you wish to propose. This is an editable field if the object version is in the Resulting Objects table and there is no other pending effectivity statement for the object version.
For example, if part 1234 has four versions; A, B, C, and D, and B, C, and D are listed in the Resulting Objects table. Version C is also listed in the Resulting Objects table of another change task, and has a pending effectivity statement (that is, there is an effectivity statement for version C on a change task that has not yet been resolved). In this case, you would be able to edit only versions B. and D, because A is not a resulting object, and C has a pending statement on another change activity.
Click OK to designate the new planned effectivity.