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Specifying Effectivity
The Specify Effectivity window appears when you click the specify effectivity icon on the Set Effectivity table. To specify effectivity, use the following procedure:
1. Click the find icon next to the Number field to set the context for effectivity statements. This opens the Find Part window. After selecting the part and clicking OK, the Number and Name fields in the Specify Effectivity window are populated.
2. From the Effectivity type drop-down, select the type of effectivity, based on the trace code of the context, including Serial, MSN, Block, Lot, and Date.
For more information, see Determining Effectivity Type.
3. From the Effectivity qualifier drop-down, select blank, Exact, or No later than.
The effectivity qualifier provides more qualifying information for the effectivity statement. It has no other affect in setting effectivity or using an effectivity configuration specification to sort a product structure. Your site has the ability to add more choices to this drop-down field.
4. In the Effectivity range field, enter the range of dates, serial numbers, or lot number, separated by a comma.
5. If Propagate effectivity through structure? is displayed, click Yes or No to determine whether to propagate the specified effectivity of the selected effectivity-managed object as configured by the system. If you select Yes, you can select the Stop propagation at lower-level traceable objects? checkbox.
6. Click OK.