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Setting the Disposition of Affected Objects
From the Affected Objects table on the Select Affected/Resulting Objects step when you are creating or editing a change task, you can set the disposition of affected objects (such as parts).
To set the disposition to an individual object, you can select the disposition from the drop-down lists in the On Order, Work-in-Process, and Finished columns of the Affected Objects table.
Use the following procedure to update the disposition of one or more objects:
1. From the Affected Objects table, select one or more objects whose disposition you want to change.
2. From the Actions menu, select Set Disposition.
3. The Set Disposition window opens. From the On Order, Work-in-Process, and Finished drop-down lists, select the disposition. Examples of dispositions include:
Use Existing
Not Applicable
4. Enter comments in the Disposition Comments field.
To clear existing disposition comments, select the Clear Existing Disposition Comments checkbox.
5. Click OK.
If any of the objects are unable to be updated, an error message appears.
If you have the user preference (Inline Editing of Dispositions) set to Yes, you can edit the disposition values on change tasks inline.
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