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About Design Reviews
A design review validates that a product or process meets the defined requirements.
Defining Design Review Roles
To define roles for the design review, click the Set Up Participants tab for the Assign Reviewers task. Click the add participants icon to assign groups or individual users to the task. For more information, see Using the Participant Administration Utility.
Creating a Design Review
To create a design review in Windchill, do the following:
1. On the page for a part, select Actions > New > New Review.
2. From the Type list, select Design Review or Peer Review.
3. In the Name field, enter a name for the review.
4. Optionally, add affected objects, attachments, or associations. The part appears in the Affected Objects table by default.
5. Click Finish.
Completing a Design Review
If you are a reviewer, do the following:
1. Access the page for the training task.
2. Enter comments as needed.
3. If applicable, in the Password field, enter your password.
4. Click Complete Task.
When a reviewer completes a task, the system captures the electronic signature information of the reviewer.
Exporting Design Review Information
You can export design review tables to PDF format to print or send as an attachment. On the Details tab of the design review, select Actions > Print.
All completed information on the Details tab appears in the PDF (for example, associated annotations, affected objects, and so on). If a section is empty, it does not appear.
There are certain limitations associated with the rich text component in the PDF format as listed below:
Text background color is not visible.
Indentation is not rendered appropriately.
Horizontal line is displayed as a dash “–”.