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Change Association Tables
The Associated Reference Objects and Associated Process Objects tables are available from the following windows:
New Change Request
Edit Change Request
New Change Notice
Edit Change Notice
New Problem Report
Edit Problem Report
New Variance
Edit Variance
The tables are also available from the information pages for the change objects mentioned above.
The following actions are available from both change association tables:
Places a copy of the selected object temporarily on the clipboard where it is available to be saved in a new location using the paste icon.
Adds objects that had been previously added to the clipboard.
Paste selection
Opens a window from which you can select objects from the clipboard that you want added to the table.
Removes the object from the table.
Opens a window from which you can search for objects to add to the table.
You can also include comments for each object being added to the table using the editable Comments column.
For more information about Change Association objects, see Associated Process Objects and Associated Reference Objects.
Defining Custom Views for Change Association Modes
Administrators can define custom views for the Associated Process Objects and the Associated Reference Objects tables. These views can optionally be shared to all users. Keep the following behaviors in mind when creating custom views:
The Associated Process Objects and Associated Reference Objects views are independent.
Each modeled change object type has its own set of views.
Any subtypes share the same views as the type.
The views for the creating and editing windows are the same views for a given type.
The views on the information page are independent of the views on the creating and editing windows.