Data Management Capabilities > Managing Change > Common Change Management Procedures > Revising a Change Notice
Revising a Change Notice
The Revise action is available in the following locations:
On the actions menu of the change notice information page
A row-level action of a change notice on the Change Notices table
The ability to revise a change notice depends on the following:
Your site must support and properly configure the system for revisions.
You must have proper access control to perform the revise operation.
You must select the latest revision of the change notice.
The latest revision of the change object must be in a life cycle state that allows a revision.
The Revise window contains the following information:
The change notice identifier for the change notice
New Revision: followed by the new revision label
The Implementation Plan table containing the following fields:
The change task icon
The primary identifier of the task.
The revision of the change task.
The name of the task associated with the change notice.
The current life cycle state of the task associated with the change notice.
The user assigned to complete the work.
The impact of the change notice revision on the associated change task. The drop-down list consists of two choices:
Proceed is the default and indicates that the change task is not impacted by the proposed revision of the change notice. The existing change task version continues in its existing workflow.
Revise indicates that the change task is impacted. The workflow associated with the change task version is terminated and a new version of the change task is created.
If the change task does not support tracking changes, controlled by a preference, no revision is created.