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Part Structure Comparison
Engineers perform product structure comparisons to identify the differences between similar product configurations or the changes made between successive versions of a part structure. It is necessary to clearly understand the design differences between successive versions of a product to accurately estimate the impact of design changes on downstream manufacturing, sales, and service activities.
Windchill provides a side-by-side part structure comparison interface that provides you with the ability to compare any two part structures. The following screen capture shows the part structure comparison tool:
The part structures being compared are shown in the left and right side of the comparison window. Structure filters are defined individually for each part structure, making it possible to compare successive versions or totally different configurations of an assembly. A selected part in one part structure is automatically highlighted in the other part structure. Differences are identified in the columns between the two part structures. Visualization is used to clarify the design differences in either part structure.
For more information, see Comparing Part Structure to Part Structure.