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Appendix 2: 3D Object-Related Vuforia Studio Events
Event Name
Arguments and Usage Notes
Triggered when a model is loaded (can be multiple times if an Experience includes multiple models) as well as when a model's Resource property is updated.
arg1 is the model name (for example, model-1).
$scope.$on('modelLoaded', function(evt, arg) { $scope.view.wdg['label-1']['text'] = $scope.view.wdg['label-1']['text'] + " evt: " + + " arg: " + arg ;});
Triggered when any 3D widget is loaded in an Experience. Similar to modelLoaded event, but applies to all 3D widgets.
See modelLoaded
Same as modelLoaded except with event name of ‘loaded3DObj’
Triggered by users clicking on 3D objects in the Experience (for example, model items, models, and 3D labels).
Arguments returned include: event (name), target (model-1, modelItem-1, or 3DImage-1, etc.), parent (null), edata (JSON object containing occurrence property value for model items as defined in the PVZ. For example, /0/0/18)
$scope.$on('userpick', function(event,target,parent,edata){ if (edata) { console.log('my console of userpick evt: '+ + " target: " + target + " and parent:" + parent + " edata.occurence: " + JSON.parse(edata).occurrence); } });
Similar to userpick.
Event includes the widget’s Studio ID in tergetScope._widgetId. No args data returned.
$scope.$on('click', function(evt, arg) { $scope.view.wdg['debug-label']['text'] = " evt: " + + " event targetScope Widget ID: " + evt.targetScope._widgetId;});
Triggered when a ThingMark, Spatial, or Model Target is acquired by Vuforia View.
arg1 for ThingMarks is the ThingMark ID (for example, 555:10), no arguments for other target types
$scope.$on('trackingacquired', function(evt, arg) { $scope.view.wdg['label-1']['text'] = "evt: " + + " arg: " + arg ;});
Triggered when a ThingMark, Spatial, or Model Target is lost Vuforia View.
See trackingacquired.
Same as trackingacquired except with event name of trackinglost.