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Install on Mac
1. Go to the Vuforia Studio eSupport page.
2. In the Software Downloads section, click PTC Software Downloads.
3. Click Order or Download Software Updates. Enter your Customer Name and Customer Number and click Next.
4. Under Step 1: Select the Product Family, click Vuforia Studio.
5. Under Step 2: Choose Release & Download, select <Release> > ThingWorx Studio > Most Recent Datecode.
6. Click HTTPS or Download Manager next to the .dmg file.
7. Once the .dmg is finished downloading, double-click the file. Once the Vuforia Studio window appears, drag-and-drop the Vuforia Studio application onto the Applications folder.
8. In the Applications folder, click the Vuforia Studio application.
9. Once startup has completed, click Open.
Upon opening Vuforia Studio for the first time after installation, the Configure Vuforia Studio window appears. Click No thanks, I will configure Vuforia Studio manually.
10. The home screen appears. Click and select Settings.
11. Enter your Experience Service URL. This will configure Vuforia Studio to use your Experience Service.
12. Now that you’ve successfully installed Vuforia Studio, start building AR experiences! Walk through sample projects on the Home page of Vuforia Studio, and check out a few of the Tutorials.