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Move Vuforia Studio Projects Manually
Vuforia Studio automatically moves your projects and extensions directories under a new ThingWorxStudio directory on startup of Vuforia Studio 1.6. However, if there are a large number of projects to be moved, the process may take a while. Also, if the move fails, Vuforia Studio will not start, and will continue to keep trying to complete the move on subsequent startups until it succeeds. While it is recommended that you let Vuforia Studio move your projects for you, it is possible to manually move them using the following process.
1. Create a ThingWorxStudio folder under <Home Directory>/Documents.
2. Move the <Home Directory>/Documents/VuforiaStudioEnterpriseProjects/builder-settings.json file to Documents/ThingWorxStudio.
3. Move the contents of <Home Directory>/Documents/VuforiaStudioEnterpriseProjects/ to <Home Directory>/Documents/ThingWorxStudio/Projects and delete the VuforiaStudioEnterpriseProjects folder.
4. Move the contents of <Home Directory>/Documents/VuforiaStudioEnterpriseExtensions/ to <Home Directory>/Documents/ThingWorxStudio/Extensions, and delete the VuforiaStudioEnterpriseExtensions folder.
The Home Directory that Vuforia Studio uses is controlled by HOME environment variable, or if that doesn't exist the USERPROFILE environment variable is used. For example, on Windows the home directory could be D:\Users\jdoe\, or on macOS, ~/.