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Install and Deploy Vuforia View Using the System Center Configuration Manager
Follow these steps to install and deploy Vuforia View using the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).
1. Obtain Latest Vuforia View Download
You can get the latest Vuforia View download through either the Microsoft Store for Business or the PTC Software Downloads site.
Microsoft Store for Business
1. Navigate to the Microsoft Store for Business.
2. Click the Manage, and then click Settings.
3. Select the Show offline licensed apps to people shopping in the store checkbox under Shopping experience
4. Next, search for “Vuforia View,” and select it.
5. Select Offline from the License type: drop-down menu. Click Get the app.
6. A thank you message appears. Click Close.
7. Next, on the ThingWorx View page, select the appropriate options for Platform, Architecture, and Download app metadata, and click Download. On this page, you’ll also need to click Download for all prerequisites in the Required frameworks section.
PTC Software Downloads Site
1. Navigate to the PTC Software Downloads site.
2. Click Order or Download Software Updates.
3. Enter your Customer Name and Customer Number, click Next >.
4. Under Step 1: Select the Product Family, click Vuforia Studio.
5. Under Step 2: Choose Release & Download, select Release 8.1 > ThingWorx View for Windows10 SCCM > Most Recent Datecode.
6. Click HTTPS or Download Manager next to ThingWorx-View-8-1-1-for-Win10–SCCM. Extract the files to a location on your system.
7. The file is downloaded to your system.
2. Deploy Through SCCM
1. Next, deploy the application using the System Center Configuration Manager. From SCCM, go to Software Library > Application Management > Applications.
2. Right-click on Applications, and select Create Application.
3. Select Automatically detect information about this application from installation files.
Select Windows app package (*.appx, *appxbundle) from the Type drop-down.
Enter or navigate to the path where the installation files reside. Select the Vuforia View.appxbundle file and click Next.
4. Review the details, and click Next.
5. Click Next on the General Information page.
6. Click Next on the Summary page.
7. Once the Create Application Wizard completes, click Close.
8. From the Applications list, right-click on Vuforia View, and click Deploy.
9. Click Next on the General page.
10. Choose a Distribution Point to distribute the Vuforia View app. Click Next.
11. On the Deployment Settings page, select whether Vuforia View is deployed as Available or Required. Click Next.
12. On the Scheduling page, choose when the application will be available for users to install. Click Next.
13. On the User experience page, choose how users will be notified of the app install. Click Next.
14. On the Alerts page, choose if you want to be notified when deployments fail. Click Next.
15. On the Summary page, click Next.
16. When the deployment completes, click Close.
17. When you open your Software Center Catalog, Vuforia View appears in your applications.