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What Does This Widget Do?
The Chalk widget allows you to open the Vuforia Chalk app from within an experience. For more information about Vuforia Chalk, see
The experience viewer must have the Vuforia Chalk app downloaded on their device.
When Should I Use This Widget?
The Chalk widget is helpful when you want to give an experience viewer access to remote experts. For example, if you’ve created a service experience for field technicians, they can use the Chalk button to call experts for live, guided help using augmented reality.
Are There Any Special Properties, Services, Events, or Actions?
To view a list of common widget properties, services, and events, see Common Widget Properties, Services, and Events.
The following table is a list of properties that are specific to this widget.
Choose the orientation of the widget with text. For example:
The Widget in Action
Here’s an example of what your widget might look like!
Minimum Steps Required for Use
What It Looks Like
1. Drag and drop an Chalk widget onto the canvas.
2. Select Vertical or Horizontal for the orientation.