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3D Container
What Does This Widget Do?
The 3D Container widget is a special widget that is included in your Experience automatically. It cannot be removed or inserted. This widget is a container that holds all 3D widgets in an Experience.
Are There Any Special Properties, Services, Events, or Actions?
To view a list of common widget properties, services, and events, see Common Widget Properties, Services, and Events.
The following tables list properties, services, and events that are specific to this widget.
Extended Tracking
Uses features of the environment to improve tracking performance and sustain tracking even when a target is no longer in view.
As the target goes out of view, other information is used from the environment to infer the target position by visually tracking the environment.
A map is built around the target specifically for this purpose and assumes that both the environment and target are largely static.
Extended tracking is supported for the following target types:
Model Target
Image Target
Spatial Target
Persist Map
Select the Persist Map checkbox if a project must accommodate movement or changes in the environment, or if it must visualize large augmentations several feet away from the ThingMark.
Cast Object Shadows
Controls whether models and model items cast a virtual shadow when they are rendered in an Experience.
The light is assumed to be directly above an object, and the shadows are cast directly onto the horizontal ground plane.
When used properly, object shadows can be very useful in creating a more realistic Experience. Typically, they are used with a Spatial Tracking Experience where the target is located on the virtual floor.
Shadows are only cast for fully opaque models and model items; occluding or semi-opaque objects do not cast shadows.
To include object shadows in an Experience, click on the 3D Container widget in the PROJECT pane, and elect the Cast Object Shadows checkbox in the DETAILS pane.
Cast object shadows property
Near Clipping Plane
The closest location that is rendered by the camera.
Far Clipping Plane
The farthest location that is rendered by the camera.
Freeze Camera
Used to freeze the camera function allowing you to pause on a certain step. To see an example on how to use these services, see Use Hands-Free Playback Animation.
Resume Camera
Used to resume the camera function.