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Vuzix M300 and M400 Smart Glasses
Best Practices
When creating Assisted Reality experiences for Vuzix devices, here are a few things to keep in mind:
When presented with a list view that contains multiple items that use the same voice command, you must show the help to select the correct item (for example, when presented with the ... (More Options) menu for experiences in a list view).
You must say, “Show help.” to show the items as numbered. To select the very first More Options menu, you will still say, “More options.” However, to select any one of the other menus, you must say, “Select item __.”
Avoid including the following voice commands in an experience that will be viewed on a Vuzix:
“Show help.”
“Navigate back.”
“Navigate home.”
These commands are intentionally never overridden by the application UI widgets or the experience so that you are always able to get help or navigate away.
Avoid using the same voice command, multiple times within a view of an experience. If it is unavoidable, the experience viewer will have to show the help to number the items, and then say, “Select item __,” in order to select the correct one. This is similar to the list view issue explained above.