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Include Object Shadows in an Experience
What You’ll Need
Access to Vuforia Studio
Access to an Experience Service
A 3D model file
If you don’t have a 3D model file, you can get one from GrabCAD.
1. From a mobile project with a 3D model, navigate to the 3D canvas.
If you haven’t yet created an AR project with a model, see Use a 3D Model in a Tabletop AR Experience
2. Select the 3D Container widget in the PROJECT pane. Select the Cast Object Shadows checkbox in the DETAILS pane.
Cast object shadows property
3. Now, when you publish your project and view the experience, a virtual shadow is cast from model or model items. You can notice the difference below between the model with and without the object shadows:
With Object Shadows (Checkbox Selected)
Without Object Shadows
For more information about the Cast Object Shadows property, see 3D Container.