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Create and Publish a Mobile Experience
What You’ll Need
Access to Vuforia Studio
A ThingMark to associate your experience to
Access to an Experience Service
1. Open Vuforia Studio.
2. On the My Projects page, click the green + in the upper-right corner.
3. Select Mobile - Default as the template type.
4. On the New Project window, enter a name for the project in the Project Name field, and your Experience Service URL in the Server field. For example,
5. Drag and drop a ThingMark widget onto the canvas.
The ThingMark determines where other 3D augmentations are scaled and positioned in the experience when you scan the physical ThingMark.
6. Drag and drop a 3D Label widget onto the canvas. Click the Transform icon to move the label to a desired position. Click and drag the different colored arrows and arcs to move the label.
7. With the 3D Label widget selected, enter Hello, AR! in the Text field under PROPERTIES in the DETAILS pane.
8. Click Save on the project toolbar.
9. Ensure that your canvas looks similar to this:
10. Next, in the PROJECT pane, click Experiences under CONFIGURATION.
11. On the Edit Experiences page, specify the following information:
Leave ThingMarks selected in the ThingMark Association field
Enter 3D Label in the Title field
Enter your unique ThingMark ID in the ThingMark field (for example, the format is Domain:ID)
12. If no other changes need to be made, click Publish in the project toolbar.
13. When the progress indicator shows a success message, your project is published to your Experience Service, and you can use Vuforia View to scan the ThingMark you associated to your experience (for example, 100:1).