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Bind ThingWorx Data to a 3D Widget
What You’ll Need
Access to Vuforia Studio
Access to ThingWorx data
Access to an existing project that contains a 3D model (for example, the Bind a 2D Widget to a 3D Model tutorial)
For this tutorial, continue using the Tabletop 3D Model experience. The goal of this tutorial is to add ThingWorx data to the experience and bind it to a widget.
1. Open Vuforia Studio, and an existing project that contains a 3D model.
2. Drag and drop a 3D Label widget onto the canvas. In the DETAILS pane, scroll down and select the Billboard checkbox.
3. Click next to EXTERNAL DATA in the DATA pane to add the data that you want to bind to the label.
4. Search for Fan1 in the entities. Click on Fan1 (Thing) to view SERVICES the available services.
5. In the SERVICES search bar, begin typing GetPropertyValues. Once it appears in the list, click it to add it to your experience. Click Close to return to the canvas.
6. Next, under Current Selected Item, drag and drop RPM onto the Text field of the 3D label widget. Also, make sure that the Invoke On Startup and Auto-refresh checkboxes are selected under Configuration. Then, set the Auto-refresh Rate to a smaller rate, like 3.
7. Now, click Preview. Once the preview loads, you’ll see the RPM value change.