Prepare for Single Sign-On
Prepare for Single Sign-On
You might need to consult with other PTC product administrators and identity provider administrators in your organization to configure other applications that are configured for SSO.
Identity and access management (IAM) and single sign-on (SSO) for the Vuforia Studio product suite follows the OpenID Connect specification for authentication and the OAuth 2.0 specification for delegated authorization. The following table shows the components in the Vuforia Studio product suite and how the roles that are defined by the specification are assigned to those components.
OpenID Connect
OAuth 2.0
Vuforia View
User Agent
User Agent
Vuforia Studio
Public Client
Experience Service
Confidential Client
Confidential Client & Resource Server
ThingWorx Server
Resource Server
Resource Server
Before beginning your installation and configuring it to use SSO, it’s important that make sure the following have been completed:
Install and Configure ThingWorx Server for SSO
PingFederate Configuration
For overview information about PTC’s single sign-on architecture, see the PTC Identity and Access Management Help Center.