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Vuforia Vantage and Vuforia View
There are two applications from which you can consume published procedures created inVuforia Editor:
Vuforia Vantage
Vuforia View
Vuforia Vantage
The following table will help you decide which type of device that supports Vuforia Vantage is best for your scenario.
Vuforia Vantage for Mobile Devices and Tablets
Vuforia Vantage Web
Vuforia Vantage for Magic Leap
Vuforia Vantage for HoloLens 2
View a published procedure
View 3D models
Enter a Serial ID if required
Enter pass/fail or confirmation for a step
Enter text comments for a step
Enter text comments for the procedure
Capture an image within a step
Sessions logged in Vuforia Insights
Tracks your progress and allows you to start where you left off in the procedure
Vuforia View
Vuforia View allows you to access published procedures on Microsoft HoloLens and RealWear devices. However, the following functionality is not available on those platforms:
Viewing 3D models
Entering serial IDs
Step-level feedback (pass/fail, confirmation, and text feedback)
Image capture within a step
Logged sessions in Insights
Progress tracking that allows you to pick up where you left of in a procedure
Therefore, if you’ve published a procedure that includes any of the above elements, the following message is displayed on the PUBLISH tab for that procedure: