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Vuforia View
You cannot view procedures that contain 3D models in Vuforia View.
What is Vuforia View?
Vuforia View allows you to consume published procedures that have been created with Vuforia Editor on a mobile or eyewear device.
For more information on whether Vuforia Vantage or Vuforia View is right for your use case, see Vuforia Vantage and Vuforia View.
Supported Devices and Operating Systems
Supported OS Version
Navigator 500
Android 8 or 10
Download Vuforia View
Make sure that you’re using the most recent version of Vuforia View as a new version is released every 28 days.
RealWear HMT-1, HMT-1Z1, and Navigator 500
To download Vuforia View on RealWear device, complete the following steps.
1. Make sure that RealWear OS has been updated to Android 8 or 10.
2. Download the Vuforia View APK from https://free-dl.ptc.com/studio/Vuforia-View-Android.apk.
If your browser has downloaded the file as a .zip, simply rename the file to .apk.
3. Install RealWear Explorer on your system from: http://developer.realwear.com/RealWearExplorer/.
4. Follow RealWear’s instructions for installing an APK.