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Vuforia Vantage for Mobile and Tablet
The Vuforia Vantage app for mobile devices and tablets allows frontline workers to view, complete, and submit work instructions procedures in the environment in which the tasks need to be completed.
Supported Devices and Operating Systems for Vuforia Vantage
Supported OS Version
iOS 13 or greater
Android 7 or greater
Download Vuforia Vantage
Make sure that you’re using the most recent version of Vuforia Vantage as a new version is released every 28 days.
The latest version of Vuforia Vantage is available for your supported mobile devices and operating systems in the following app stores:
Apple App Store
Google Play Store
For more detailed information on supported devices, see Vuforia Fusion Supported Devices and ARCore supported devices.
For more information on whether Vuforia Vantage or Vuforia View is right for your use case, see Vuforia Vantage and Vuforia View
Benefits of Vuforia Vantage and Vuforia Vantage Web
Some of the key benefits to using Vuforia Vantage include:
Support for tracking of procedure execution.
Integration with Vuforia Insights for tracking procedure analytics.
Ability to Preview a procedure so that the session is not logged in Vuforia Insights.
Ability to launch a procedure on an wearable by scanning a QR code in Vuforia Vantage.
Procedure Overview offers a table of contents from which you can easily start a procedure from the beginning and consume it step-by-step.
(Mobile/Tablet Only) Vuforia Vantage also tracks the last step you viewed in a procedure, making it easy to pick up where you left off.
Vuforia Vantage Web provides procedure authors an accurate representation of what the end user will see in the Vuforia Vantage app.