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Live Guides and 3D Models in Procedures
Vuforia Vantage
Live Guides use model targets to lock tracking on a physical object; then, using AR, the user is guided to the location at which they should be looking. All steps that have a marker have a Live Guide available.
Until tracking has been established, you will see the Model Target guide view. Once tracking has been established, you’ll see markers that will draw attention to the areas of the object that you should be paying attention to. If tracking is lost, the guide view will re-appear to let you know that you need to establish tracking again.
Sometimes, tracking may not be properly aligned. In this case, tap ... in the upper-right corner, and then tap Reset Tracking.
You can switch between the Live Guides, videos, and images on each step by tapping on what you want to view.
Vuforia Vantage Web
You can view the 3D model in Vuforia Vantage Web, but since there is no camera, you will not be able to view the Live Guides. However, the markers informing you where to look will still be present on the 3D model.