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Vuforia Insights
What is Vuforia Insights?
Vuforia Insights  is a browser-based self-service environment that gives managers and administrators access to usage metadata from procedures executed in Vuforia Vantage.
Vuforia Insights introduces the concept of a “ logged session.” A logged session is a unique instance of usage for a given procedure that enables major milestones and events the user experiences (such as beginning a procedure and ending a procedure) to be logged automatically.
Milestones and events generate rich usage metadata to help managers and administrators understand how the product is being used.
Information for each logged sessions includes:
Procedure title
Procedure version
User role
Procedure start data and time
Procedure completion data and time
Total time of session
For more information about accessing and using Vuforia Insights, see Analyze Procedure Sessions.
Users can also continue to playback procedures without logging these milestones by previewing a procedure, which provides an identical experience to the normal session, without registering these milestones to generate usage data.
Supported Browsers
Vuforia Insights is supported on the following browsers:
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge