Start or Join a Chalk Session > Schedule a Session (Beta)
Schedule a Session (Beta)
Currently, this feature is only supported in Chalk for Desktop. To enable this beta feature, please send a request to
From the Home tab in Chalk for Desktop, you can schedule a Chalk session for a future date.
1. Click Schedule Session.
2. In the Schedule Session window enter the following information:
By default, this field is populated with <User's name> Session. Optionally, you can change this to be more descriptive. For example, XR-500 Printer Maintenance Demo.
Enter the date (mm/dd/yyyy) for the future session.
Enter the time for the future session. The time will be displayed in the scheduler’s current time zone.
Add a description for the session. This field is optional.
3. Once you’ve populated all required fields, click Schedule.
4. Once the session has been scheduled successfully, you can invite attendees in any of the following ways:
Share the Connect Code
Share the direct link to the session
Send an invitation email
You can also add the scheduled session to your calendar by clicking Download next to Add to calendar (Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar).
5. Once your session has been scheduled, it will appear in the Upcoming Sessions list on the Sessions tab.
You can click on a scheduled session in the list to view the details, join the session, or invite more participants.