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Business User
Any user can be granted the ability to host Chalk sessions. This can be done by a business admin or primary admin. For more information, see file:///E:/gitlab-runner/builds/vAzx7PJb/2/helpcenter/vuforia_chalk/en/source/common/host_priv.dita
Chalk User (Basic User)
A Chalk user is anyone who is part of a business account who uses the Chalk app. A Chalk user can perform the following actions:
Add contacts
Call contacts
Join a hosted session
Share their screen
View the other user’s screen
Draw Chalk marks
View and save session summaries
Use low bandwidth mode
Participate in unlimited number of sessions
Business Admin
A business admin is an administrator of a business account. There may be multiple business admins on an account.
A business admin has all permissions of a Chalk user, plus the following:
Access to the Chalk Admin Center
Manage users
Assign host privileges
Re-assign the primary admin role to another user
Assign business admin permissions
View company usage and analytics
Manage company settings
Configure Single Sign-on (SSO)
Business admins are not automatically assigned host privileges, but they may be assigned host privileges.
Primary Admin
A primary admin is the sole owner of a company account. There is only one primary admin on an account.
A primary admin has all permissions of a Chalk user and a business admin, plus the following:
Export and download the user list
Re-assign the primary admin role to another user
Receive emails from company users
The primary admin’s email address is available to users in the Chalk app by navigating to Settings > Help > Contact Company Admin.