Network Configuration Recommendations
Network Configuration Recommendations
Vuforia Chalk uses WebRTC for voice and video communications. The WebRTC API is based on a set of existing standards and protocols that allow for communication in several network configurations. A set of hosts are used for signalling connections which provide support for authentication, annotations, session monitoring, analytics, and most importantly establishing the best connection for the audio and video.
The signalling connections use HTTPS and WSS over port 433, and are outgoing connections. If your network has an outgoing filter, be sure to allow connections to the hosts as described in the Signaling Servers section.
For more information about the communication scenarios, see Audio and Video Communication.
The following topics provides information on the use of Vuforia Chalk in a managed network environment and guidance for the best user experience.
IP Allowlist for Email Delivery
Signaling Servers
Audio and Video Communication
To test your network and make sure you’re ready to use Vuforia Chalk, visit the network diagnostics page and click Run Tests.