Troubleshooting and FAQs
Troubleshooting and FAQs
Access to notifications, microphone, camera, and contacts
Chalk asks for your permission to access your device’s microphone, camera, contacts, and notifications.
Microphone and camera access is core to the functionality of the app. You need to be able to see the problem you’re working on with someone over a video connection with audio. We don’t store this information anywhere, and your conversations are private.
Access to your contacts helps you find people in your device address book to Chalk with. We don’t store your contacts information on our servers, or use it for anything other than allowing you to invite or start a session with people you already know.
Notifications are used to alert you of missed Chalk calls. They may also notify you of upgrades or service changes.
If you did not give Chalk access when initially asked, you can manually give access in your mobile device’s settings. To do this, open your device settings, and scroll down to Chalk in the apps menu. Then, toggle Contacts, Microphone, Camera, and Notifications so that they are enabled.
Why am I not being notified about incoming Chalk calls on my Android device?
Android 10 users must enable the Appear on top app setting to receive our incoming call alerts (not granting the permission will prevent you from be alerted of incoming calls). To enable this settings, complete the following steps.
1. From your device, navigate to Settings > Apps.
2. Scroll down and tap on Chalk.
3. Under Advanced, tap on Appear on top and allow the permission.
Why aren’t my drawings sticking?
Make sure that you’re running the latest version of your device’s operating system.
Your drawings may not stick in the first few seconds of a session while Chalk learns about your environment.
To help Chalk better understand your environment, make sure you’re following the Best Practices.
Why can’t I see video?
Make sure that Chalk has permission to access your device camera.
Or, if you are the person giving help, the other person may need to start sharing their view.