ThingWorx Analytics API
ThingWorx Analytics API
API Overview
This section applies only to the APIs that are available through the ThingWorx Thing model hierarchy.
These APIs are not applicable for integration with FactoryTalk Analytics DataFlowML. If you plan to access ThingWorx Analytics from a DataFlowML pipeline, consult the FactoryTalk Analytics DataFlowML documentation for more information.
ThingWorx Analytics APIs are available as services on a series of ThingWorx Things. The microservice Things are each auto-generated from Thing Templates that are provided with the ThingWorx installation. The hierarchy of these Thing Templates informs which services are available.
The diagram below shows the hierarchical structure of the Thing Templates and the corresponding Things that use them. The ThingWorx Analytics API documentation provides descriptions of the service parameters and results, including inherited services, for each Thing Template. The API documentation also includes information about the Data Shapes used by the service parameters and results.
Thing Model overview
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