ThingPredictor Limitations
ThingPredictor has the following limitations:
The ThingPredictor client has been tested and evaluated for PMML models created by using the ThingWorx Analytics Server. Other standard PMML models may be scored using ThingPredictor, but they are not tested or validated against the PMML format that ThingPredictor uses. Ensure that all transformations have been applied to the model before sending it to ThingPredictor.
ThingPredictor uses JPMML (version 1.3.3), a third-party PMML interpreter to evaluate predictive models.
For information about JPMML, see JPMML. For information about the JPMML evaluator, see JPMML Evaluator.
While creating an analysis model for ThingPredictor, if you specify a network location in the Model File URL field, ThingPredictor cannot download the file and deploy the model.
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