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ThingWorx Analytics 8.3.2 Release Notes
The following bug fixes were made in ThingWorx Analytics 8.3.2.
Bug Fixes
Bug Fix Description
Reference #
Analytics Builder: Description of created filters is incorrect
When creating a filter on a field defined with dataType STRING and opType CONTINUOUS, the number of records displayed for the created filter is not consistent with the filter criteria specified during filter creation. This issue has been resolved.
ThingWorx Analytics Server: An UnsatisfiedLinkError is returned when uploading a dataset
When the ThingWorx Analytics Worker creates a dataset, an executable file is created in the temporary directory. However, in certain secure environments, this directory can be mounted as a non-executable which prevents the dataset from being created. To resolve the issue, the executable file is no longer created in the temporary directory.
Analytics Builder: Cannot see which row is selected when the Profiles or Signals table is collapsed
When multiple profiles or signals have been created, the list table can be collapsed to create more space to view the selected profile or signal. However, there is no way to identify the selected profile or signal when the table is collapsed. This issue has been resolved by adding the name of the selected profile or signal to the display section below the table. It remains visible when the table is collapsed.
Analytics Builder: Issue with model accuracy and other metrics
When training data is upsampled or downsampled, the sampling takes place at the ensemble level and the sampled data is passed to the individual learners. The learners then split the data: one part for training, and one part for validation and Boolean threshold calculations. This process impacts the accuracy of the model. To resolve the issue, the upsampling and downsampling operations have been moved to the individual learner level. This change allows the sampling operations to be applied only to the part of the data used for training, while the validation and threshold calculations can be executed on the unsampled data.
Analytics Builder: Model metrics do not display unless manually refreshed
After a model is trained, the first time it is displayed, the metric fields at the top of the model do not display properly, including Precision, Recall, Specificity, and ROC. This issue is caused by the validation job continuing to run after the training job completed and a manual refresh is required to display all of the model metrics. This issue has been resolved so that the model display is auto-refreshed when both the training and validation jobs are complete.
Analytics Builder: Cannot copy dataset URI from the Dataset list
On the Datasets list page, the URI in the Dataset URI column is not available for copying, as it has been in the past. This issue has been resolved.
ThingWorx Analytics Server: Descriptive Analytics installation fails when using SSL
The Descriptive Analytics installer is hardcoded to connect with the ThingWorx server over HTTP and fails when HTTPS is in use. This issue has been resolved.
ThingWorx Analytics Server: Filtering on a DatasetRef for a BinnedQueryDistribution does not work as expected
When a filter is provided on a dataset during a BinnedQueryDistribution, the binning takes place based on the Min and Max of the original dataset. This issue has been resolved so that the binning works as expected on the Min and Max of the filtered data.
Analytics Builder: Average Goal Value is displayed incorrectly
When creating a model using standard or high precision data, the average goal value is not displayed correctly. To resolve this issue, a new user-defined configuration parameter has been added called Significant Digits to Display for Average Goal. The new parameter can be used to define the number of decimal places to display in average goal fields.
Analytics Builder: Dataset is not displayed on the Data list page
If an upload dataset job fails in a way that does not provide a value for the endDateTime, the dataset does not display on the Data list page. This issue has been resolved.
ThingWorx Analytics Server and Analytics Builder: Column exclusions cause problems for distribution queries
Exclusion lists are not applicable to distribution queries or distribution statistics queries. If a column exclusion is inadvertently passed to a distribution query, the dataset columns shift and calculations are performed on the wrong columns. To prevent this issue, the following queries have been updated to ignore column exclusions:
Known Issues
Known Issue Description
Reference #
ThingWorx Analytics Server: Two-at-a-time Signals request does not return MI for all field combinations
When running a request for Signals, and specifying maxAtATime = 2, Mutual Information (MI), in relation to the goal, is not returned for all field combinations as expected. Instead, individual (one-at-a-time) MI scores are returned for all fields and then are filtered down to the top 25% most relevant fields. Two-at-a-time signals are calculated only for those fields. There is currently no way to modify this filtering behavior.
Analytics Manager: An existing simulation event fails if it is triggered after server restart
Analysis agents must be restarted after a ThingWorx server restart. Without restart of the agent, any new simulation jobs will fail to execute.
Analytics Manager: A time window event does not work for non-time series models uploaded using the Analytics Server Connector when all properties of the thing, including the key field are mapped
ThingWorx Analytics Server: The reported version number is an internal versioning number
The Version Info service currently returns a version number that indicates both the external version and the internal build version, but not a path release version. Possible changes in version information are under consideration for a future enhancement.
Analytics Builder: Filtering on list pages does not work as expected
When filtering is applied to a list page with multiple pages (such as the Models list page), the filtered results are not aggregated for display on a single page. Instead, the filtered results remain on their original pages and multiple pages must be clicked through to find all the filtered results.
To improve handling of list page displays, a configurable parameter has been added to set the number of table items that can be displayed per page. A more permanent resolution for the filtering with pagination issue will be provided in a future release.
Analytics Builder: Screens do not load properly in IE 11
The View Datasets and View Models screens do not load properly in the IE 11 browser for the support Windows operating systems. This issue will be resolved in a future release. To avoid the issue, use another browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
Analytics Builder and Analytics Manager: Sizing of pop-up windows is distorted
When the Analytics Extension is deployed on the 8.3.1 version of ThingWorx platform, the display of some pop-up windows might look compressed in Analytics Builder and Analytics Manager. In some cases, scroll bars will allow you to view truncated fields. However, the best work around for the issue is to maximize your browser view so that the pop-up windows can display fully. This issue will be resolved in a future release.
End of Life Information
ThingWatcher has been discontinued as a standalone SDK in 8.3. However, ThingWatcher functionality is available in the Anomaly Detection features native to the ThingWorx platform. For more information, see Anomaly Detection.
ThingPredictor software media is no longer available for download as of 8.3. However, support will continue for 8.x users until the next major release. To replace ThingPredictor capabilities, an improved set of predictive services is being introduced in 8.3. For more information, see How Predictive Scoring Using the Analytics Server Connector Works.
DataConnect / Data Analytics Definition
DataConnect and the Data Analytics Definition are not available as of 8.3. Replacement functionality will be introduced in a future release.
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