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ThingWorx Analytics 8.2.1 Release Notes
The following bug fixes were made in ThingWorx Analytics 8.2.1.
Bug Fixes
Bug Fix Description
Reference #
ThingWorx Analytics Server and Analytics Builder: ROC curve shows the same values for true positive and false positive results
Currently, when ROC values are calculated, they are based on thresholding values that have already been transformed to values of 0 or 1. Because all of the values are already 0 or 1, every threshold shows the same true positive and false positive rate. To resolve this issue, the ROC curve calculations have been updated to apply thresholds to the original values that have not yet been transformed to 0 or 1.
ThingWorx Analytics Server and Analytics Builder: ROC curve and confusion matrix results appear incorrect when the Regional setting is a non-U.S. locale
In both Windows and Linux environments, where the Regional setting is not U.S., and a model is generated with a Boolean goal, ROC curve and confusion matrix results appear incorrect. To resolve this issue in the short term, ThingWorx Analytics Server will be set to a U.S. locale during installation. With this solution, only U.S. data formats will be supported, but it avoids the need for all users to set their server to U.S. locales.
The long term goal for a future release is to support additional locales.
ThingWorx Analytics Server: The native Windows installer does not work in non-English
During installation on a non-English operating system, the output of certain commands is not externalized. When the non-English operating system translates the command output, an error is generated and causes the system to think a previous version is installed. This issue has been resolved.
Analytics Builder: Extension cannot be deleted due to an AnalyticsServerFiltersInstance dependency
When attempting to delete the Analytics Builder extension from the ThingWorx Foundation, in preparation to install a newer version, the removal fails because the AnalyticsServerFiltersInstance is still in use by another entity. Due to this conflicting dependency, the Analytics Builder extension cannot be completely removed and the upgrade is blocked. Two fixes have been implemented to resolve this issue:
The existing entities have been updated to remove the conflicting dependence on AnalyticsServerFiltersInstance.
An extension migrator has been added so that the conflicting dependencies are resolved during an upgrade of the Analytics Extensions from a previous release.
ThingWorx Analytics Server: Retrieve important fields when scoring a Boolean opType goal
When retrieving important fields from a scoring job run on a model generated by the Training microserver with a Boolean opType goal, an error occurs. The calculation expects the goal value from the scoring job to be a number and fails when it finds a True/False string. To resolve this issue, an update has been made to allow important fields to be calculated when scoring a Boolean goal PMML model generated by the Training microserver. For third-party PMML models, this solution may not be applicable.
Known Issues
Known Issue Description
Reference #
ThingWorx Analytics Server: Docker installation fails when using localhost URI for connection to ThingWorx
When ThingWorx server is installed on the local server, and localhost is entered for connection purposes during the ThingWorx Analytics Docker installation, the connection validates successfully but the ThingWorx Analytics Server Things are not created in ThingWorx. The Edge Microserver in the Docker container cannot accept localhost as the connection to ThingWorx. The following possible work arounds are available to resolve this issue:
Use a native standalone installer (either Windows or Linux) instead of the Docker installer. (preferred)
Uninstall and reinstall using the ThingWorx external IP address instead of localhost during ThingWorx Analytics Server Docker installation.
Update the and files with the correct ThingWorx address. Then restart the ThingWorx Analytics Server. For more detailed information about this option, see Article - CS273311.
ThingWorx Analytics Server: Two-at-a-time Signals request does not return MI for all field combinations
When running a request for Signals, and specifying maxAtATime = 2, Mutual Information (MI), in relation to the goal, is not returned for all field combinations as expected. Instead, individual (one-at-a-time) MI scores are returned for all fields and then are filtered down to the top 25% most relevant fields. Two-at-a-time signals are calculated only for those fields. There is currently no way to modify this filtering behavior.
Analytics Builder: Deleting a filter does not delete all jobs associated with it
When a dataset filter is deleted, all models, signals, profiles, and scoring jobs created using that filter should also be deleted. Currently, these items are not all being removed. New jobs cannot be initiated using the deleted filter, but if a user tries to retrain a model that was based on a deleted filter, the job will run against the entire dataset.
Analytics Builder: Retraining a time series model does not retain the default lookback window size
When a time series model is built using the default lookback window size of 0, the lookback size is not retained when the time series model is retrained. This issue can manifest itself in two scenarios:
In a time series model with one feature, and a lookback size of 0, a retraining job will fail. It will not be able to run time series training because the default lookback size is not retained, and it will not be able to run standard training because there is not enough data.
In a time series model with more than one feature, and a lookback size of 0, a retraining job will succeed, but only as a standard training model. It will not be able to run time series training because the default lookback size is not retained. However, it will have enough data to run standard training.
As a work around, rerun the training as a new model, using the same configuration as the original training job.
Only necessary if you want to retrain with the default lookback size of 0, which uses auto-windowing functionality.
Analytics Manager: Failure to deploy model by downloading file from a network URL for ThingPredictor
While creating an analysis model for ThingPredictor, if you specify a network location in the Model File URL field, ThingPredictor cannot download the file and deploy the model.
Analytics Manager: Deployment job status for docker deployer agent is shown as incorrect
When deployer agent deploys an agent on a machine, the corresponding job status is shown to be in the INPROCESS state. However, the deployment is completed.
Analytics Manager: An existing simulation event fails if it is triggered after server restart
Analysis agents must be restarted after a ThingWorx server restart. Without restart of the agent, any new simulation jobs will fail to execute.
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