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ThingWorx Analytics 8.0 Release Notes
The following sections describe the new functionality, enhancements, bug fixes, and known issues in ThingWorx Analytics 8.0.
New Functionality
Docker Installation
ThingWorx Analytics Server standalone installation is now provided via a Docker installer tool. The Docker installer tool bundles all of the necessary libraries and settings into three container images. When the Docker process is launched, it unpacks and installs each component, including: ThingWorx Analytics REST, ThingWorx Analytics Worker, and ThingWorx Analytics ZooKeeper. The Docker installation process replaces the Virtual Machine Builder installation process.
The Docker installer supports graphical, text, and silent modes of installation.
Enhancement Description
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ThingWatcher: Add a ThingID.
The ThingWatcherBuilder will generate a ThingID so that multiple ThingWatcher instances can be tracked more easily in log reports.
ThingWatcher: Changes to the ThingWatcher API.
The following changes have been made:
Model Details was moved from the ThingState to ThingWatcher.
The TimedValue parameter was removed from the ThingState.
The lastTimestamp parameter was added to the ThingState.
The sampling rate is now auto-detected. It has been removed from ThingWatcherBuilder and added as part of the Model Details.
New training details were added to Model Details (such as start and stop time, elapsed time, and number of records).
The PMML model name was added to Model Details.
New messaging was added to the ThingState to communicate internal ThingWatcher errors and exceptions.
ThingWatcher no longer returns a ThingState from the Monitor method. Instead the ThingState is returned to a consumer that the user specifies in the ThingWatcherBuilder parameters.
ThingWatcher: Implement reordering, data synchronization, and interpolation.
ThingWatcher will now synchronize data based on the sample rate. Where there are small gaps in the data (< 3x the sampling rate), missing values will be interpolated based on existing values. By default, ThingWatcher reorders data in a five-second window but this interval can be increased or decreased as needed. It can also be set to zero to turn reordering off.
ThingWatcher: Add ability to restart with an existing model but no validation data.
When a ThingWatcher instance is restarted, and there is no validation data, ThingWatcher can use the existing trained model and can recollect a validation set. The ThingWatcher can then continue without going through Calibration and Training states.
ThingWatcher: Add new states.
The following new ThingWatcher states have been added:
ThingWatcher: Change trainingDataDuration to minDataCollectionTime.
Updated the parameter name to make it more accurate.
ThingWatcher: Reduced signal distortion.
Improved handling of the timed values to minimize signal distortion.
ThingWatcher: Added logic to improve monitoring accuracy.
Data collection is now more sensitive to the cyclical patterns within the data.
ThingWatcher: Added a new ability to collect diagnostics.
A Diagnostics method has been added. It can be used to turn diagnostics collection on or off. Collected diagnostics can be displayed or printed.
Bug Fixes
Bug Fix Description
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ThingWorx Analytics Extension: Updates to Console permissions
The following changes have been made to console permissions:
Only users in the TW.AnalyticsServer.Admin group can add and remove Console tiles.
Only users in the TW.AnalyticsManager.Admin group can access Analytics Manager from the Console.
Analytics Manager: Add to the Configuration Setup Service
Analytics Manager permissions have been added to the TW_ML_Configuration.setConfiguration service. When the service is run in ThingWorx Composer, the configuration setup for both Analytics Builder and Analytics Manager takes place.
Analytics Builder: Fields on the title bar cut off
The fields have been fixed so they are no longer cut off in the title bars for the Models, Signals, Profiles, and Scoring pages.
Analytics Builder: ROC curve values not plotted correctly on grid lines
When model results display in a ROC curve, the graph displays next to a table listing true and false positive rates for each point on the ROC curve. These values on the graph did not always correspond exactly to data in the table. To increase the accuracy of the ROC curve graph, values on the X axis (false positives) and Y axis (true positives) have been changed from 0.0 to 0.000.
Analytics Builder: ROC curve calculated incorrectly for data type Double goals that are above 1 or below 0
When model results display in a ROC curve, for a goal variable of data type Double with a score above 1 or below 0, the ROC curve is calculated incorrectly. To resolve the issue, scores above 1 in this specific case will be forced to 1 and scores below 0 will be forced to 0.
Analytics Builder: Number of Records column header changed on the Models list page
On the Models list page, the column header for the number of records has been changed to Number of Records in Validation Set. This change clarifies that the number of records displayed in the column reflects the number of records used to generate the validation set and not the total number of records in the dataset.
Analytics Builder: Upload Thing installation on Ubuntu
The Upload Thing installation has been updated with support for Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04.
Known Issues
Known Issue Description
Reference #
ThingWorx Analytics Server: Docker installation fails when using localhost URI for connection to ThingWorx
When ThingWorx server is installed on the local server, and localhost is entered for connection purposes during the ThingWorx Analytics Docker installation, the connection validates successfully but the ThingWorx Analytics Server Things are not created in ThingWorx. The Edge Microserver in the Docker container cannot accept localhost as the connection to ThingWorx. The following possible work arounds are available to resolve this issue:
Uninstall and reinstall using the ThingWorx external IP address instead of localhost during ThingWorx Analytics Server Docker installation.
Update the and files with the correct ThingWorx address. Then restart the ThingWorx Analytics Server. For more detailed information about this option, see Article - CS273311.
Analytics Builder: Retraining while the model grid is refreshing
When the Retrain button is clicked while the model grid is refreshing (the Refresh button is greyed out), the retraining dialog box will open but display no content. To avoid the issue, only click Retrain when the grid is not refreshing (the Refresh button is green). To resolve the issue when it occurs, click Cancel and wait for the refresh to complete. Then reselect the row to be retrained and click Retrain. A solution for this scenario will be provided in a future release.
Analytics Builder: Dataset unavailable after an additional data upload fails
When an attempt to upload additional data to a dataset fails, an error is generated and the ability to view the original dataset is suppressed. The suppressed dataset will not be available to select on the Dataset list page. To resolve this issue when it occurs, delete the data from the dataset and reload it.
DataConnect: Extra columns of data are displayed for some datasets
When the dataset status GET request is made (/status/dataset/<dataset_name>/all), unexplained extra columns are returned after the last expected column. No errors are logged.
There are no plans to resolve this issue in the current architecture because the DataConnect architecture will be redesigned in a future release.
To avoid this issue, do not use a Time Series feature with a String datatype.
DataConnect: No meaningful error message generated when neuron.base.url set incorrectly
If the neuron.base.url is not set to http://server:8080/1.0, an “Unexpected Error” is returned in the API response when a Transform and Create Dataset request is submitted. An exception is also reported in the Tomcat catalina.out file. However, the current error messaging does not specify that the problem is caused by an incorrect neuron.base.url setting.
There are no plans to resolve this issue in the current architecture because the DataConnect architecture will be redesigned in a future release.
For more information, see the following support article:
Analytics Manager: Failure to deploy model by downloading file from a network URL for ThingPredictor
While creating an analysis model for ThingPredictor, if you specify a network location in the Model File URL field, ThingPredictor can not download the file and deploy the model.
Analytics Manager: Deployment job status for docker deployer agent is shown as incorrect
When deployer agent deploys an agent on a machine, the corresponding job status is shown to be in the INPROCESS state. However, the deployment is completed.
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