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Platform Analytics 8.5.4 Release Notes
The following sections describe the bug fixes in Platform Analytics 8.5.4.
Bug Fixes
Bug Fix Description
Reference #
Platform Analytics: Unable to install with Erlang 21.3
The Platform Analytics installer has been updated to match the changes in RabbitMQ compatibility with Erlang. The installer now supports all versions of Erlang from a minimum of to a maximum of 21.x.
Property Transform: Error occurs when installing with an external RabbitMQ
In the Platform Analytics installer, Property Transform functionality can be configured to work with an existing external RabbitMQ instance, instead of the instance provided with the installer. However, this type of installation is generating errors in both the configuration and RabbitMQ log files. The problem is caused by incorrectly encrypted RabbitMQ passwords. The issue has been resolved so that passwords for external instances of RabbitMQ are encrypted properly.
Platform Analytics: Unnecessary Flink files fill up storage space on a Windows server
When Platform Analytics is installed on a Windows server, stopping and restarting the Property Transform and Apache Flink services can leave behind unnecessary Flink storage files. If these storage files are not removed, they can lead to file growth that will fill up the local temp storage and cause Property Transform and other services to run slowly or fail.
The issue is related to the relative order in which the twpas-property-transform-service and the twpas-flink-service start up and shut down. A fully automated solution to this issue is available in Platform Analytics 8.5.4.
For earlier versions of Platform Analytics, a manual work around is available to create the proper dependencies between the services. The solution is two-fold and requires the following:
Adding a Flink service dependency to the Property Transform service.
Updating the existing twpas.batscript.
For detailed information about the work around, see Article – CS320421
This work around is only possible if the Flink instance available with the Platform Analytics installer is in use. If an existing, external Flink instance is in use, the unnecessary Flink storage files will have to be deleted manually.
In addition, this work around resolves the issue in the case of starting and stopping services. However, Windows operating systems don’t honor service dependencies during shutdown, so the work around does not handle scenarios where the server itself is shut down.
Property Transform: Stops functioning when the PlatformSubsystem is restarted in ThingWorx
When the PlatformSubsystem is stopped, as part of a restart action, the RabbitMQ connections are cleaned up in a way that prevents them from reinitializing when the PlatformSubsystem restarts. As a result, property transforms can no longer be processed. This issue has been resolved so that the RabbitMQ connections can be reinitialized smoothly after a restart.
Known Issues
Known Issue Description
Reference #
Platform Analytics: Uninstall does not delete the Flink service
In this release, an issue is preventing the Flink service from being deleted when Platform Analytics is uninstalled from a Windows environment. This issue can cause your next installation attempt to fail. The issue will be resolved in a future release. As a work around, reboot the server to clean up the service before reinstalling.
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