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Analytics Server 8.5.7 Release Notes
The following sections describe the bug fixes and known issues in Analytics Server 8.5.7.
Enhancement Description
ThingWorx Analytics: Security improvements
In this release, security was improved by closing several vulnerabilities.
Bug Fixes
Bug Fix Description
Reference #
Analytics Manager: Simulation analysis events cannot be triggered by custom events
A simulation analysis event in Analytics Manager is an event that is created with the Run as Simulation parameter set to true. You can configure simulation analysis events to be triggered by specific ThingWorx events. When the triggering event is one of multiple out-of-the-box events available in ThingWorx, the simulation analysis event runs successfully. However, if you create a custom event in ThingWorx to act as the trigger event, errors occur and the simulation analysis event cannot run.
This issue has been resolved so that custom events can be used to trigger simulation analyses.
Analytics Server: Prescriptive batch scoring jobs fail when using inferred metadata
Certain inferred data types are inconsistent with the prescriptive scoring service. To resolve this issue, the DetectMetadata service has been updated to infer Byte and Short datatypes as Integer data.
Analytics Builder and Analytics Server: Issues caused by using non-English locales in Confidence models
When a confidence model is created using a non-English locale, the model fails and an exception is generated. The issue occurs because the PMML specifications does not recognize the character “,” for a decimal in the presentation of real numbers values. This issue has been resolved by adding localization to the confidence model section of the PMML file.
Analytics Builder: List pages go blank when a job is in Queued state
This issue has been resolved so that list pages for Datasets, Models, Profiles, and Signals are not displayed as blank while a new job is in Queued state.
Analytics Builder: For Signals, the Diff vs Avg. values are displayed incorrectly for filtered datasets
When a signals job is generated from a model based on filtered data, the Diff vs Avg. values displayed in the signals grid are calculated incorrectly against the overall average for the entire dataset. This issue has been resolved so that theDiff vs Avg. value for each record is calculated against the average of only the filtered data.
Analytics Builder and Analytics Server: Issues caused by using non-English locales in PMML models
If a PMML model is created using a non-English locale, inaccuracies can occur when that PMML model is used for subsequent calculations. Because the PMML specifications stipulate in particular that the character “.” represents a decimal in the presentation of real number values, ThingWorx Analytics will enforce English locale settings for PMML generation.
When upgrading from an earlier version of Analytics Server, existing models that were created in non-English locales will be migrated automatically. However, if using an existing model from an external location, update the numeric data manually before performing additional computations.
Known Issues
Known Issue Description
Reference #
ThingWorx Analytics Server: Error occurs when running a signals job with redundancy filtering
When a signals job is launched with the Redundancy Filter option selected, the features returned by the signals job are ranked according to the amount of information gain they provide, rather than by their predictive strength. However, in certain cases, an exception is generated with an error message indicating that some information gain values fall outside of the expected range. This error occurs when the signals job encounters continuous data where the value is near the minimum or the maximum of the expected range.
This issue will be resolved in a future release.
End of Life Information
ThingWatcher was discontinued as a standalone SDK in 8.3. However, ThingWatcher functionality is available in the Anomaly Detection features native to the ThingWorx platform. For more information, see Anomaly Detection.
ThingPredictor software media is no longer available for download as of 8.3. However, support will continue for 8.x users until the next major release. To replace ThingPredictor capabilities, an improved set of predictive services is being introduced in 8.3. For more information, see Predictive Scoring Using the Analytics Server Connector.
DataConnect / Data Analytics Definition
DataConnect and the Data Analytics Definition are not available as of 8.3. Replacement functionality will be introduced in a future release.
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