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Analytics Server 8.5.4 Release Notes
The following sections describe the bug fixes and known issues in Analytics Server 8.5.4.
Bug Fixes
Bug Fix Description
Reference #
Analytics Server: Invalid self-signed ThingWorx SSL certificate
During Analytics Server installation, ThingWorx SSL certificates are validated to ensure a successful connection between ThingWorx and the Analytics Server. If the ThingWorx IP address or host name does not match the SAN IP address on your SSL certificate, the Analytics Server installation fails. However, if a self-signed SSL certificate was uploaded manually to the Java Truststore, and not entered during the Analytics Server installation, no validation is performed and the installation can continue even when no connection with ThingWorx can be established. As a result, the Analytics Server installation completes without errors but no Things are created in ThingWorx.
This issue has been resolved so that all SSL certificates are validated and the installation cannot continue with an invalid certificate.
Analytics Server Installer: API Key regenerated during upgrade
When upgrading from Analytics Server 8.5.1 to any later release, the Analytics API Key is unnecessarily regenerated. When a new API Key is generated, the previous key is no longer valid and any downstream processes that rely on it must be updated. This issue has been resolved so that the API Key is not regenerated during an Analytics Server upgrade.
Analytics Builder: Does not indicate when signals are loading
When a signals job is launched in Analytics Builder, there is no on-screen indication that signals are being retrieved. The features list either appears blank or continues to display features from a previous signals job. This issue has been resolved so that a spinning icon is displayed to indicate that new signals are being retrieved.
ThingWorx Analytics Server: Model creation jobs cause pre-existing models to disappear when some non-English Regional Settings are selected
When some non-English settings are selected for the system account, creating a new model causes all pre-existing models to temporarily disappear from display on the models page. Pre-existing models are redisplayed when the model creation job completes. To resolve this issue, the method used to handle dates and time zones has been modified.
Analytics Server Installer: Analytics Extension is not displayed in the installation summary
At the end of a successful Analytics Server installation or upgrade, a summary page is displayed with a list of all the components that were installed. However, the Analytics Extension is not included in the summary, even when it has been installed. This issue has been resolved so that Analytics Extension is included in the summary if it was selected for installation or upgrade.
Analytics Builder: End Time parameter in Job Details displays Invalid Date during scoring, signals, and profiles jobs
When predictive scoring, signals, and profiles jobs are running, the Job Details page displays an incorrect value of Invalid Date for the End Time field. This issue has been resolved so that the End Time field remains empty until the job is complete. It then displays the date and time the job ended.
Known Issues
Known Issue Description
Reference #
Analytics Manager: Time window event does not work for non-time series models
When a non-time series model is uploaded using the Analytics Server Connector, and all of the properties, including the key field are mapped, a time window event does not work.
Analytics Manager: Simulation analysis events cannot be triggered by custom events
A simulation analysis event in Analytics Manager is an event that is created with the Run as Simulation parameter set to true. You can configure simulation analysis events to be triggered by specific ThingWorx events. When the triggering event is one of multiple out-of-the-box events available in ThingWorx, the simulation analysis event runs successfully. However, if you create a custom event in ThingWorx to act as the trigger event, errors occur and the simulation analysis event cannot run.
This issue will be resolved in a future release.
ThingWorx Analytics Server: Two-at-a-time Signals request does not return MI for all field combinations
When running a request for Signals, and specifying maxAtATime = 2, Mutual Information (MI), in relation to the goal, is not returned for all field combinations as expected. Instead, individual (one-at-a-time) MI scores are returned for all fields and then are filtered down to the top 25% most relevant fields. Two-at-a-time signals are calculated only for those fields. There is currently no way to modify this filtering behavior.
Analytics Extension: Unable to do a manual upgrade from 8.4.x to 8.5.4
When upgrading ThingWorx Analytics Server from an 8.4.x version to 8.5.4, the installation of the Analytics Extension does not complete successfully. This Analytics upgrade also requires an upgrade to one of the following ThingWorx versions: 8.5.0, 8.5.1, or 8.5.4. The upgrade failure occurs in all three ThingWorx versions and is caused by changes made to the ThingWorx Smartgrid extension package (AnalyticsSmartGrid_ExtensionPackage).
This issue has been resolved for upgrades handled through the Analytics Server installer. However, if you upgrade Analytics Extension manually, the problem still remains and will be fixed in a future ThingWorx release.
Until then, a work around is available that involves removing the AnalyticsSmartGrid_ExtensionPackage before upgrading the Analytics Extension.For more information, see the Resolution section of article CS314686.
ThingWorx Analytics Server: Error occurs when running a signals job with redundancy filtering
When a signals job is launched with the Redundancy Filter option selected, the features returned by the signals job are ranked according to the amount of information gain they provide, rather than by their predictive strength. However, in certain cases, an exception is generated with an error message indicating that some information gain values fall outside of the expected range. This error occurs when the signals job encounters continuous data where the value is near the minimum or the maximum of the expected range.
This issue will be resolved in a future release.
End of Life Information
ThingWatcher was discontinued as a standalone SDK in 8.3. However, ThingWatcher functionality is available in the Anomaly Detection features native to the ThingWorx platform. For more information, see Anomaly Detection.
ThingPredictor software media is no longer available for download as of 8.3. However, support will continue for 8.x users until the next major release. To replace ThingPredictor capabilities, an improved set of predictive services is being introduced in 8.3. For more information, see How Predictive Scoring Using the Analytics Server Connector Works.
DataConnect / Data Analytics Definition
DataConnect and the Data Analytics Definition are not available as of 8.3. Replacement functionality will be introduced in a future release.
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