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Upgrade Analytics Extension from an Earlier Release
When you upgrade Analytics Extension as a component during an Analytics Server installation upgrade, a warning message displays. When this message occurs, you must restart your ThingWorx server. The Analytics Extension zip file is placed into a queue and is imported from the queue after you restart your ThingWorx server. For more information about this process, see the Upgrading Java-backed Extensions section of Importing Extension in the ThingWorx Help Center.
If Analytics Extension is installed and you want to upgrade from ThingWorx 8.3 to any later version, you will need to uninstall the Analytics Manager files before the upgrade. For information, see Remove the Extension. To save any data files, follow the steps in the Before Removing Analytics Manager section.
After you upgrade ThingWorx, see Import the Extension to redeploy Analytics Extension and Re-import Analytics Manager Files.
Upgrading Analytics Builder
There is no special preparation needed in Analytics Builder before an upgrade. However, when the upgrade is complete, you will need to reconfigure Analytics Builder to communicate with a specific AnalyticsServer Thing inThingWorx Foundation. To configure this connection, see Configure Communication Settings in Analytics Builder.
Upgrading Analytics Manager
Before installing a new version of the Analytics Extension, follow the steps below to prepare Analytics Manager for the upgrade.
1. Log into ThingWorx Composer as an administrator and click the Analytics menu icon () on the far left.
2. In the left navigation panel, click SETTINGS in the Analytics Manager menu. The Analysis Settings page opens.
3. Click the Prepare for Upgrade button on the right. Any jobs that are in process are stopped and you can safely upgrade the Analytics Extension.
4. When the upgrade is complete, renavigate to SETTINGS in the Analytics Manager menu and click the Restart after Upgrade button. Jobs that were stopped in preparation for the upgrade are restarted.
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