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Prerequisites – Anomaly Detection
Before using Anomaly Detection, ensure that the following prerequisites are installed:
An edge device you want to monitor – Ensure that the device is running and generating data.
ThingWorx – For specific version information, see Compatibility Matrix – 8.5 and Later
ThingWorx Analytics Server (It does not have to be installed on the same server as ThingWorx.)
Anomaly Detection requires only a subset of ThingWorx Analytics Server components. Depending on the release, the following components are required:
In the 8.5 release – Installation must include at least the Async microservice and the ThingWorx Adapter for Analytics Server.
In releases 8.1 to 8.4.x – Installation must include at least the Results microservice, which is a default component, and the Training microservice, which also requires the Validation microservice.
For hardware and software requirements, such as operating systems, browser versions, or disk space, see ThingWorx Analytics System Requirements (also available from the Reference Documents section of the PTC eSupport Portal).
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