Anomaly Detection > Anomaly Detection Data Streams
Anomaly Detection Data Streams
The following Data Streams are available to view data related to Anomaly Detection:
Stream Name
Shows the status (Calibrating, Buffering, Monitoring, etc.) of each anomaly alert for remote Thing properties that are bound to an edge device.
Shows the history of alerts that have occurred on each remote Thing property where the anomaly alert has reached the Monitoring status.
To view these data streams, in either New or Classic Composer:
1. Navigate to DATA STORAGE > Streams.
2. Filter the streams to display System Objects.
3. Select one of the streams listed above and view the Services available.
4. Scroll to the GetStreamData service and click Test or the Execute icon (depending on which version of Composer you’re using).
5. Provide any optional inputs you want and click Execute. The data stream is output to a table that includes time stamp information.
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