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Handling a Failed Platform Analytics Installation
If an error occurs that prevents the Platform Analytics installation from completing successfully, the software will roll back the failed installation. It will remove the various installed components and leave behind the installation directory containing the log files for further investigation. You can perform the manual steps below to ensure the product is completely removed before running a fresh installation.
The procedures below assume that you have already consulted the relevant Installation Logs and fixed whatever problem caused the installation to end.
Follow these steps to remove components:
Depending on where the installation failed, not all of the steps below will be available or applicable.
1. Open the Windows PowerShell (or the Command Prompt window) in Administrator mode.
2. Navigate to the bin folder of the installation directory for a specific installed component.
For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\ThingWorxAnalytics\PlatformAnalytics\bin
If your installation directory is different, for example because you’ve upgraded from a previous release, adjust your navigation accordingly.
3. Execute the following command: .\twpas.bat abort.
One of the following will happen:
If the install failed after the twpas.bat file was created, each service that was installed will be stopped and deleted.
If the install failed before the twpas.bat file (or even the bin folder) was created, nothing will happen and you will need to continue with Step 4 below.
4. If the install did not create the twpas.bat file before failing, execute individual commands to remove each service that was installed.
If the Descriptive Analytics Microservice was part of your installation, execute both of the following commands to stop and delete the twpas-descriptive-analytics-service:
sc stop twpas-descriptive-analytics-service
sc delete twpas-descriptive-analytics-service
If the Property Transform Microserver was part of your installation, execute the following commands to stop and delete the twpas-property–transform-service:
The RabbitMQ and Flink commands are necessary only if you’ve installed the instances that were provided with the Platform Analytics installer.
sc stop twpas-property-transform-service
sc delete twpas-property-transform-service
sc stop twpas-rabbitmq-service
sc delete twpas-rabbitmq-service
sc stop twpas-flink-service
sc delete twpas-flink-service
5. Before attempting a new installation, check the memory and hard disk space on the host server. For more information, see the Hardware section of System Requirements (also available from the Reference Documents section of the PTC eSupport Portal.
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