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8.4.x ThingWorx Analytics System Requirements
The requirements listed below are applicable to the following 8.4.x ThingWorx Analytics components:
ThingWorx Analytics Server
Analytics Extension, which includes Analytics Builder and Analytics Manager
Descriptive Analytics
Property Transform
These requirements also match those listed in the ThingWorx 8.4 System Requirements on the PTC Reference Documents site.
Operating System
The ThingWorx Analytics components are supported on the following operating systems:
Supported on the following 64-bit distributions that use systemd:
Supported on the following operating systems that require Windows Powershell 3 or higher:
CentOS 7
Windows Server 2008, R2 SP1
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Windows Server 2012
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Windows Server 2016
RedHat Enterprise 8.2
Web Browser
ThingWorx Analytics and products are supported on the following browsers:
Minimum Version
67 and later
Firefox Quantum
68 and later
Firefox ESR
68 and later
13 and later
MS Edge Chromium
The Analytics Server and Platform Analytics components must meet the following minimum hardware requirements:
Minimum Value
Free Disk Space
Analytics Server requires 10 GB
Platform Analytics requires 5 GB
CPU Cores
Internal Memory
16 GB
Analytics Extension components do not have hardware requirements of their own but they depend on ThingWorx Foundation meeting its own hardware requirements.
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